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Guided by the straightforward mission of providing consultancy services to organizations involved in Iraq’s reconstruction, FIC offers a wide range of products and services that meet the needs of companies operating in Iraq. Throughout its many years of operations, however, FIC’s offerings have gradually evolved into six major categories:


1. Information Technology and IT-enabled Services


FIC’s team of information technology professionals and technicians are ready and able to plan and execute IT projects, regardless of the project’s complexity. Moreover, our strategic connections with vendors from here and abroad allow our company to source the materials and expertise required for successful project completion.  From general data infrastructure projects to IT-enabled security systems, FIC can do the job.


FIC recognizes the importance of instant access to information. By partnering with global and local suppliers of internet services, our team can design, implement, and manage private IP networks based on

carrier-grade Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS). FIC caters government and oil and gas companies a safe connection between workers at different locations to work together effortlessly and efficiently, thus improving productivity and communication.


We offer:


a. Inter-Carrier Interconnect

b. Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLAN) over MPLS Network (Carrier/Customer Edge Routing)

c. MPLS IP-VPN Design

d. MPLS Managed Services including MPLS Traffic Engineering


2. Civil Engineering and Construction


FIC’s extensive portfolio of construction and civil engineering solutions encompasses virtually every phase of the construction process. Our services include standalone construction works, engineering/procurement/construction (EPC) solutions, and construction management. With our far-reaching experience in the construction industry, FIC is capable of offering the most reasonable cost estimates, the most advantageous work schedules, and the most reliable and advanced risk management protocols.


a. Camp Construction Support Services

b. Design teams

c. Electrical, Mechanical and Civil Engineers


3. Equipment Rental


FIC has one of the biggest fleets of leasable construction vehicles in Iraq. Coupled with our sophisticated and industry leading logistics, we can mobilize our wide range of leasable assets and tools far more quickly than the competition.  FIC offers timely, cost-effective, and tailor-made solutions for every client, from providing the right kind of equipment up to providing qualified and dedicated operators, technicians, and maintenance personnel.


4. Logistics and Procurement Services


FIC has the requisite expertise and physical resources to reliably, efficiently, and cost-effectively procure virtually anything that any client may ask for. FIC believes that procurement solutions are not as simple as bringing an item from A to B. Instead, FIC takes every step possible to recognize and accommodate each client’s special requirements, enabling us to provide custom solutions that truly respond to the client’s needs.


With its extensive network of vendors, suppliers, and logistics partners, along with the company’s familiarity of local and international processes and regulations, FIC can provide its client with whatever they need, whenever they need it, however way they want it, at the most reasonable cost.


5. Human Resource Solutions


FIC has a deep understanding of the nuances of Iraqi laws and customs, enabling the company to seamlessly provide talent acquisition and recruitment solutions to companies operating within the country. Whether your company needs to find qualified and dedicated client or just special assistance in the filing and approval of legal documents, FIC can help. Our complete talent acquisition and recruitment services include:

a. Talent Acquisition and Recruitment.

b. Visa & Travel Assistance

c. Security Consultancy Services and Risk Mitigation


6. Life Support Services


i. Portable Water Delivery

ii. Water Removal

iii. Trash Collection

iv. Janitorial Services

v. Catering and Operations & Management

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