The team policy is to provide a safe workplace for both our employees and the host personnel. Our Health, Safety, and Environmental processes provide basic guidelines and oversight intended to ensure that all personnel comply with all US, and local regulations to include OSHA regulations that may be applicable.


We ensure that each employee receives sufficient safety and environmental training and orientation where applicable so that they may perform their job in a safe manner and is aware of the inherent safety hazards and environmental impact of the job.

Management believes that our safety and health program can only be successful when all employees receive sufficient training to understand their safety and health responsibilities, as well as any opportunities and how to fulfill them. Therefore, training is a high priority to ensure a safe and healthy workplace. Each year management will pay special attention to the evaluation of that year’s training efforts and will seek methods of improvement.


All employees, subcontractors and visitors will have a thorough understanding of and will follow all safety management guidelines provided to deliver work in a safe and secure manner at all times.

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