Successful Experience

Our numerous years of doing business in Iraq, allowed us to develop project management techniques that are responsive to Iraq’s political, economic, and socio-cultural landscape. This includes a management approach on the contract sites that fosters the establishment of well-defined positions of authority the project’s framework. This enforces a proper chain of command and communication between multiple levels of management and productive labor categories. Together, our team demonstrates disciplined project management practices and a strong belief in importance of adhering to stringent ethical policies as its foundation.


Some of our major clients are:

  • Kurdistan Regional Government
  • US General Consulate in Erbil
  • KOICA KOREK Telecom Co.
  • DARIN Group
  • ZOZIG Group
  • ExxonMobil Iraq, Ltd.
  • South Oil Company
  • Various Agencies of the Iraqi Gov’t.



2005 – 2006


The First Iraqi Company provided Supply Chain Management Services for KBR projects in Iraq. Work included were consolidated procurement, customs clearance, secure logistics and inventory management services.


In 2006


The First Iraqi Company formed an Iraqi Majority own JV with Spectrum Worldwide LLC. Spectrum is a Dubai based company engaged in Camp Construction, Operations & Maintenance and IT Services in Iraq.


The following were provided:

  • Camp Construction Support Services: As part of JV member of SWW-Iraq, FIC was engaged in construction of several man camps around Iraq.Total of 3000 Man Camps have been designed, built, operated and maintained by the JV throughout Iraq.FIC provided Technical Support, Design Teams, Site Engineers, Construction Crews, Supply Chain Management and Equipment Services throughout Iraq.


  • Life Support Services: FIC has provided portable water delivery, black water removal, trash collection, laundry, janitorial services, operations and maintenance for electrical, plumbing and HVAC utilities and catering services at various camps in Iraq.


  • Visa & Travel: FIC has provided visa-processing services, airport pick up, travel arrangements for JV employees travelling to and from Iraq.


  •  Security: FIC provided Security Consultancy Services and Risk Mitigation for JV Projects in Iraq using our local ties with local tribes, Iraq security forces and experience working with International Security Providers.


  •  Supply Chain Management: FIC has provided consolidated procurement.




FIC Engineers provided consultancy to Gruppo Cadini SRL projects in Iraq. Gruppo Cadini SRL is an Italian based company that was executing several projects for the United Nations in Iraq.


FIC has successfully provided the following:

  • Design teams
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Civil Engineers
  • Procurement Services
  • Camp Construction
  • Life Support
  • Visa & Travel
  • Security





Project Title: Point-to-Point Link between FOD-DS7 / TFOD-DS7 Telecom System to Include Equipment Installation and Maintenance

Location: West Qurna 1, Basra, Iraq

Start Date: 05 September 2012

Completion Date: 04 September 2015

Client: Exxon Mobil Iraq Ltd.


FIC scope of work includes but not limited to the engineering, procurement, construction, installation and constant maintenance of Telecoms in WQ1 DS7 and the TFOD in Al Burgesia including all components (i.e. microwave radios, telecom racks, mw dishes, fiber, and appropriate towers and buildings) required for the essential solution.




Project Title: TFOD Miscellaneous Upgrade

Location: West Qurna 1, Basra, Iraq

Start Date: 04 February 2013

Completion Date: 02 August 2013

Client: Exxon Mobil Iraq Ltd.


Provided and installed:

  • TFOD Server Room to 50-Man Office Building IT Room
  • TFOD UPS and Server Room
  • TFOD Main Building IT Cabling
  • TFOD Server Room Environment and Power Monitoring
  • TFOD Server Room Lighting
  • TFOD Equipment Cabinets
  • TFOD Fiber Enclosure, Adapter Panels and Connectors
  • TFDO Main Building,50 Workstations & Dining Light Fixtures




Project Title: TFOD Office Security Services

Location: West Qurna 1, Basra, Iraq

Start Date: 19 February 2014

Completion Date: 14 February 2015

Client: Exxon Mobil Iraq Ltd.


The scope of work includes turnkey Lenel Security System for the complete access and monitoring of the complex, Security Building, ID check Building, 3 guard shelters, 2 guard towers, electrically operated gates (Main Entrance (MGE) and Main Exit (MGE)4, Exit gate (eG), Internal Gate 1 (IG1), Internal gate 2 (IG2), Internal gate 3 (IG3), Internal gate 4 (IG4), Secondary gate, Pedestrian gate, 6 manual drop barriers, 1 card reader automatic drop barrier, 8 full-height personnel turnstiles, CCTV systems, 2 walk-through metal detectors, 2 Rapid Scan baggage scanners, and perimeter lighting.

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